In accordance with the socially responsible investment guidelines put forth by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), below are the six main principles our Catholic Portfolio seeks to uphold. 

Protecting Human Life

What We Avoid: Abortion, Contraceptives, Embryonic Stem Cell/Human Cloning

Promoting Human Dignity

What We Look For: Human Rights, Curbing Pornography, Access to Pharmaceuticals
What We Avoid: Racial Discrimination, Gender Discrimination

Reducing Arms Production

What We Avoid: Production and Sale of Nuclear Weapons, Antipersonnel Landmines

Pursuing Economic Justice

What We Look For: Affordable Housing, Affordable Banking, Labor Standards
What We Avoid: Sweatshops

Protecting the Environment 

What We Look For: Sustainability, Clean Energy Companies
What We Avoid: Big Polluters

Encouraging Corporate Responsibility 

What We Look For: Good Corporate Citizens, Ethical Companies, Recycling
What We Avoid: Companies With a History of Philanthropy to the Types of Organizations This Portfolio Avoids

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